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Skanna - 2015 Remastered Collection FLAC download

  • Performer: Skanna
  • Title: 2015 Remastered Collection
  • Size FLAC ver: 1283 mb
  • Country: UK
  • Released: 2015
  • Style: Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Jungle
  • Other formats: MP2 MIDI TTA MP4 DMF DMF WMA
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
Skanna - 2015 Remastered Collection FLAC download
Skanna - 2015 Remastered Collection FLAC download


Nightstalker 5:42
Heaven 5:48
This Way 6:04
Find Me 6:50
Until The Night Is Morning 6:31
All You Wanted 6:35


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
KVA004 Skanna 2015 Remastered Collection ‎(3x12", Comp, Ltd, RM) Keeping Vinyl Alive KVA004 UK 2015
KVA004 Skanna 2015 Remastered Collection ‎(3x12", Comp, RM, TP) Keeping Vinyl Alive KVA004 UK 2015

Comments (25)

Please, please repress :(80 to 120 quid for a copy on discogs?!?!? Come on. Over 300 people want to buy this now, must be time to repress again.
Greedy pikey scalpers go get a job!! Love for the music
Totally agree. I've often bought a couple of the represses and held them back for when these wankers turn up....then sell it on at cost. It's pissing in the wind but makes me feel better!
Selling my copy which I've never even opened , brand new , pm if interested , cheaper than anything for sale above
Adding my name to the chorus asking for a repress.
Please repress
It looks like releases such as this one still don't get produced in large enough quantities. At time of writing 135 people on Discogs still want a copy of this, and now we have a kind person selling this repress for £99.99. Can we please have another run? Surely it makes sense financially.
When these tunes came out more than 2 decades ago, could I ever have imagined I would be listening to them wirelessly via Bluetooth streaming from Apple Music? No moving parts, not a turntable in sight....amazing how things move on.
Wicked repress that has put a smile on many faces. The more recognition this gets the better. Well done to all involved.
Clearly some hating going on here. Who cares. I bought all the originals way back in 93 for around £5 each. Sold them 10 years later along with all the street beat 10"s and at the time, I probably got about £25-30 which I was happy with. Several years later I really regretted selling them all and made it my mission to get them back, but this time round it's costing rediculous money - like £50-£100 per plate. My point here is who gives a toss if it's repressed / remastered and available to buy- again?I purchased my Truper set last week from Phil @ basement and paid £60 for the box set. I'm a happy guy cos to be honest, I don't care that it's a repress. As far as I'm concerned when I do my next street beats mix of all the volumes, I can now include all 3 Truper releases and be happy that I have also saved at least £100-£150 which I can use for something else. It's nice to have the original but for a fraction of the price, these repressed versions are quality..........and it's all about the music isn't it?My advise is Enjoy it whilst labels like KVA, Sublogic, basement and 92 retro are doing this for us and bringing us some rare sought after tunes. It saves taking out a small mortgage to get the originals.
You've nailed this I cannot add anything else...apart from maybe another re-run for those who missed it ;)
Amen. (chopped up one)
Totally agree!
I know I'm gonna be hated for this comment, but......the last few months saw a lot interesting represses or reissues. This one and the Truper Boxset stood out for me, and looking at the comments, for a lot of other people as well. Don't get me wrong, they both are great! The Skanna repress is top notch in terms of quality and definitely worth the price it was sold. The Truper one also. The tunes themselves are highly sought after and important to the history of Jungle / DnB. But it don't really see any real value in releasing a remastered collection of a remaster that was released in 2008 and 2009. See, the Truper one is special, as all the tunes were only available on three separate 10" plates. They were not as scarce as many people want you to believe, but as Vol.2 was featured in the Coldcut mix, demand was high for a long time. (Just because i was lucky, i found Vol. 1 and 3 in a 2nd-Hand-Shop for 5€ each!) But none of these tune were on any compilation or released digitally, when every label started releasing their back catalouge on Beatport or Juno. So up until 2015 you had to search really hard to get the Truper tunes.On the other side, as way ahead and revolutionary all those Skanna tunes were (and still ARE!), many of them were easily available on compilations (Nightstalker and Heaven on Hardleaders, This Way and Find Me on widely circulating comps and mixes) and the original 12" only got expensive when everyone realized how special those were. I still believe a lot more original copies of the singles exist, then the Truper ones. So i don't really understand how this 2015 remastered collection is helping anyone getting a chance of owning some great tunes?! And looking at the contributors list on the back plus the comments on social media, I can't shake off the feeling that Junglist now are reaching the age were everyone is drooling over those re-released and remastered tracks, when we laughed at all those old Jazzfreaks and Rockafficinados in their 50s that bought every Beatles or Foreigner reissue, even though they had every tune on original vinyl and probably the CD versions of these aswell. Sorry guys, but you are getting old and just as self-centered as those guys that kept playing their vinyl wet on audiophile turntables, so the sound doesn't degrade. Hate me for it! Just to make it up a little for that comment: Of course i bought it too. Because i didn't have the tunes on vinyl. I think it is a great chance for people to discover some of the finest tunes ever conceived! But reading that most of the guys "bought 2 copies one for playing, the other to keep" (or reselling it in 5 or 10 years) and seeing a lot of familiar names mentioned on the back of the record (people that believed in the project and that are really important part of the scene!) makes it hard for me to rationalize the real value in promotion good music. The Truper boxset made it possible for a lot more people to access tunes formerly really hard to find, whereas this compilation was made solely for those guys that had the tunes anyway and wanted to complete their petty collections. Funny that a neglected niche scene develops the same kind of behavior than any other musical style, even though a lot of the guys i went out raving and buying vinyl always insisted that "we will never be like out parents". Everything comes full circle, so i think it's fair to at least acknowledge that getting older, might mean that you are getting wiser, too.
There is always someone overthinking things, sorry but nothing you say matters in the world. The Truper set is good value, as the originals are so expensive, but the original skanna vinyls aint exactly cheap. Who cares who is buying them and for what reasons, I have a couple on compilations but don't have the others anymore, so I bought it. If I had all the originals, I would have bought it anyway, as I like to play my tunes and I would rather risk scratching a repress than ruin a costly to replace original. Don't forget, the originals are only 20 odd years old, how valuable will they be in another 20 years..?
Lord_Lien You're a cock end of the highest order.... "Yeah I said it!" Very mature, mate! At least the other commenters replied with valid and reasonable counter-arguments after calling me a bigot bellend!
The Sinners from Mitar
I appreciate your constructive criticism. You're maybe right, that I'm being a bit generalizing towards the ones buying this.For those calling me hypocritical: why is it hypocritical buying something and criticizing it at the same time? That's like critizing a book or movie without even reading or seeing it.I think you really got my point, without making it clearer for the others, so let me try to point out my main argument:I was just wondering, if people don't realize what they are becoming / morphing into. I was referring to the back and reading through the people list on there (which are the ones who preordered it) i realized that a LOT of those name are so familiar and regularly boast about that they have the original stacking somewhere in their treasure chest. THIS is what I'm referring to: You guys are becoming those old bearded collectors that are drooling over their remastered-direct-from-the-man's-Atari 180g vinyl, playing it on their €10.000 belt-driven turntables. Sure, most of the people who got this fall into your two categories. I'm in #1. Way too young, way to far away from the UK. That's why i got it. I DO appreciate what KVA or Sublogic does a lot. They've released a LOT of tunes that would've otherwise never been available anywhere else. Will is doing a terrific job. But i think the Truper Box Set is a much better effort in making really-hard-to-find-music accesible to more people, as they were almost impossible to find anywhere but the 10" releases themselves. The Skanna tunes are easily available on the Hardleaders, Jungle Tekno and Artcore releases, plus the reissues.
Very odd you're assuming everyone who bought this already had all these tracks already. Even the Sublogic represses from a few years back are incredibly hard to get hold of.I had the Sublogic one already but I missed out on "All You Wanted". Buying this was actually cheaper than buying the original press!
You're a cock end of the highest order.... "Yeah I said it!"
I get what you are saying JVXP but those are some serious generalizations you're making there. I didn't buy the set simply because I have 2 of the 6 tunes and the other 4 aren't worth the money to me when I have so many other tracks I'm after. BUT I do think this is a great set for anyone not wanting to pay a mint for the originals. I think you've not counted on two things in your review: 1) Jungle/Hardcore, and in particular the years 92-95 has developed an almost cult following with the niche younger crowds. Many of these people weren't around on the first go, so getting something like this is way more affordable than seeking out the original records which might cost a fortune. 2) Older guys like me (I'm 3 years away from 50) who were around and used to DJ might have sold their original records. Personally I've gotten back into DJ'ing this music again and since I only want to spin using vinyl like I used to this makes a buy back of older records hurt the wallet much less. I applaud KVA for doing this and had no problem buying the Intense set they just did on pre order. I also got the Truper set and I'm happy that was available as well- I used to own Volume 1 but sold it ages ago. I hope the future holds more reissues (but would like the people putting them out to only have 1 track per side for optimal quality -like the old days lol) because since I got back into it a year and half ago (after a 10 year break) I've spent almost $10,000 buying back old records I used to own and it's pissing me off!
I don't really understand JVXP. You don't see the point in releasing Skanna again but you bought one for yourself. Sounds just hypocritical, lol. For people like me who missed previous represses it was an essential purchase and it will be admired for many,many years to come. Same with The Invisible Man - The Journey, where the titled track was only unreleased, the other two were repressed already, but again some people might missed it too. Although I partly agree about point of buying second copy of the same record, it's just sake of buying it, possessing it like any other thing in people's life or reselling for (God forbid!) 5x times more of the face value. But at this moment if they can afford it and support the labels/artist, why not? It's a good thing keeping vinyl alive - clearly not being self-centered, hyped of or feeling superior because 'everyman do his ting a little way different' :)
Wow wow and wow. I am touching myself here.
Fantastic repress here with most of Skanna's rarer tunes, sounds crystal clear and loud. Nicely done.
Nicely done, sounds badboy
"Near mythical hardcore and jungle reissue label, Sublogic makes a hugely welcomed return with new sub-label Keeping Vinyl Alive. From '06 to '12 they made it their mission to reissue some of the most timely hardcore ever created, all fully licensed from the artists and pressed on beautifully mastered and cut vinyl. Having pre-dated the recent jungle revival by issuing lost classics from the likes of Q Project, Babylon Timewarp, Potential Bad Boy, Skanna and releasing one of the only drum & bass (well, tech-step) records produced by five producers in Edtrafienical from No-U Turn artists Ed Rush, Trace, Nico, Fierce, and Optical they are back. Sublogic was, and still is, a huge deal for people who knew the label at the time (those '06 - '12 pressings fetch crazy money on Discogs). Thankfully, they have decided to return to launch a new sub-label - Keeping Vinyl Alive - issuing a deluxe triple 12" pressing from Skanna, who for our money is one of the best and most underrated hardcore producers around. The six tracks here were originally out in '93 before being repressed by Sublogic in '08 before vanishing again and thankfully they are finally available and fully remastered for a whole new audience to discover. The tracks on show join the dots between the dark-side antics of Rufige Kru and the euphoric blend of FSOL ('Nightstalker''s breakdown is pure euphoria that will have a lot of people grinning madly upon hearing it!). 'Heaven' features an almost '06 dubstep sub bass line but was in fact recorded 13 years too early, whilst 'This Way' is pure Juice Box ambient jungle. All of these tracks are perfectly executed with a unique twist, that has propelled Skanna to legendary status among those who heard his records."

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